NEW YORK 2016/17/18

Leading Manhattan Real Estate developer SL Green once again tapped famed event producer, Michael Cerbelli (Cerbelli Creative) to head up their annual Greendeal awards to close out 2016, honoring the top agents and brokers in New York City. Michael was tasked with turning the legendary Cipriani's 42nd Street into an elegant Night at the Museum - and needed help to add in SL Green's impressive portfolio of buildings into the displays of famous works of art through the ages.  With two 20 foot wide screens flanking a centered 30' tall screen - each framed in gold gilt - Michael asked SHUTTERMIX Creative Director Ty Jennings and his team to create "classic" art out of specific photographs within the SL Green portfolio.

Modern skyline architecture photography into Monet, Manet, Van Gogh, Warhol, Hopper, Lichtenstein and LaChapelle-inspired original works of art? Bring it on. 

*Ty was brought back as CD for graphics for 2017, and has been asked back for graphics and video content for 2018.