Ty Jennings is the author of two books, One Week Africa chronicling a week spent in Eastern Africa following the leaders of two American-based Humanitarian Aid agencies, as they explore the region, and potential for collaboration; and Equality: Messages from the March, a photographic journal of the 2017 Equality March in Washington DC. Both projects were labors of love and speak to Ty’s quest to amplify the voices of others and work toward understanding, truth, knowledge and empathy within our communities. In addition to these two books, Ty has written several film/TV scripts as well as three plays, the latest of which, The Weekend House, is being workshopped for a hopeful 2019 debut. His first play, MILLENNIUM, was produced off-broadway in 2002.

Professionally speaking, Ty is the ‘Chief Creative’ of a storytelling/content agency, based in New York, that specializes in helping clients find new ways to tell their stories through events and digital content. Ty has served as lead Creative Director designing New York Fashion Week Events for Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. and Mara Hoffman, as well as helped design & produce several events/experiences/content for L’Oreal, Reebok, Chanel, Nars, GX, Yahoo, True Colors Fund & many more. His company has produced over a thousand videos in the last several years, and he’s served in a creative role in hundreds of events spanning several industries.

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A former Dancer/Actor, Ty was ‘accidentally’ cast on a TV show at 18 years old, when he was a extra but wound up in too many scenes, so he was cast as the lead’s roommate (only 2 episodes aired).

Ty majored in Theater Arts in HS, the first (and only) freshman to be allowed into the Honors Drama program at an award-winning school; he was later awarded a scholarship for theater.

Ty was cast as the lead in the gender-swapping role Claude, in a stage production of the film NUTS, in Los Angeles.

Ty has written and performed 2 touring cabaret shows, seen across the UK, France, and Amsterdam, as well as several cities in the US, many years ago…

Ty was the producer and host of the successful ShutterMIX podcast (2 seasons 2006/7) with co-host Aisha T. which found a following in over 70 countries, heard on all 7 continents. While the podcast eventually went away, the name stayed (it stood for the shutter of a camera and the mix of audio - therefore visual and audio content) and became the name of his first company, a creative storytelling agency.

Ty was the creator & editor of the “Adele Gets a Call From...” parody series that resulted in over one million views across 3 platforms and was featured on Good Morning America, MTV and went Top 10 on Funny or Die!

An avid traveler, Ty has been to over 30 countries on 4 continents.

The City he’s been to the most? Paris (20+ trips and counting)
The City he loves the most? Florence (4 trips and counting)
Longest Trip: 31 days
Most intense trip: 18 days/6 countries/3 continents
Dream Trip: to spend a year following Spring/Summer around the globe

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Ty has lived in SF, LA and New York. New York has been his primary home-base for over 20 years.